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Virtual World Enterprise Solution

AUV Scenario The Virtual World Enterprise Solution (VWES) is a persistent, 3D, immersive environment that enables distributed communities to collaborate and innovate. It leverages Naval Modeling & Simulation (M&S) Enterprise Solutions to provide social and simulation capabilities in a common world that is centrally hosted on military networks. VWES supports a broad range of domains and applications including: rapid prototyping, Set Based Design, Model Based System Engineering, DoDAF visualization, kill-chain analysis, war-gaming, Human Factors Engineering, and LVC M&S.VSH Classroom

Additionally, VWES hosts the Virtual Schoolhouse (VSH): a collaborative, distance learning environment that allows distributed students and instructors to simultaneously interact with each other through voice and chat while accessing a broad range of learning content, tools and simulations, from traditional classroom curriculum, to visually rich instructor enhancements to live tactical training systems from within a persistent, 3D spatial, virtual campus.